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Hailing from a small town with a big clock called Ulverstone, Lasca learned young to idolise epic guitar legends. Introduced to Zeppelin by her brother, she attained a moment of truth and could never go back.


But you might be surprised at her genres of choice, given her usually doll-like and sparkly attire to match her sharkfin pink guitar. She may seem cute and sweet, and can be; but make no mistake - she rocks hard. Her broad set ranges from the hauntingly delicate, to the groovingly heavy.


Honed through years of busking, Lasca found her voice on the street, and often composed

songs in the moment, inspired by the passers-by, or wandering thoughts. From cautiously

covering Beatles songs, to jamming over her own material in a live loop, she grew to be a

confident performer. Clocking up miles across Tasmania, Lasca slowly developed local renown, never saying no to a gig. You name a kind of venue, she’s played it. She has gone on to play at major local festivals, such as Dark MoFo, Junction, Great Escape, Pangea and Day on the Lawn.


Lasca released her first album ‘Sweet Sea Surrender' in February 2021. Bluesy, raw, relaxed

and experimental, this collection of unplugged-style songs contains observations of life and

nature, and reflections on mindfulness.


At the end of 2021 Lasca completed a Bachelor of Music, majoring in Songwriting at The

Conservatorium of Music, where she was introduced to the complexities of the music industry and where she was encouraged to retain and develop her unique and original compositional skills. This was also the place where she met her drummer, Ollie Toombs. Not long after Tristan Dry (Brother) joined the band on guitar and keys, followed by former bandmate Daniel Bicanski on Bass, and the newest member Robin Gapski on guitar.


In their performances, the spaces between Lasca's bird-like vocal melodies are filled with sexy psychedelic overdriven solos. Her delivery ranges from the confidently lazy to the intensely passionate.


Last February Lasca was honoured to be awarded the prestigious Tasmanian ‘Live Your Dream' grant from The Nick Balcombe Foundation. Lasca has supported such acts as Weyes Blood, Paul Dempsey, Sly Withers, Didirri, Luca Brasi, Tim Rogers, Kyle Lionheart, and Davey Lane.  And played Venues and Festivals such as The Great Escape, Pangea, Day on the Lawn, Mona NYE and more.


Lasca's in for a bangin' year, releasing new material showing off her full band, Rock 'n Roll repertoire.


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First Single Premiered on Pilerats & Beat 

Album Premiered on Pilerats 

Single 'The Ocean' (2022) Premiered on triple j Unearthed & added to Rage and MTV as well as on Music Feeds/ Interview Aus Music Scene & MILKY

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